Skip the Sunburn: Shade Solutions that Keep Patios Cool and Comfortable

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Skip the Sunburn: Shade Solutions that Keep Patios Cool and ComfortableA well-designed patio is the ideal place to relax and enjoy time outside, but when the sun looms high in the sky, things can quickly get uncomfortably hot. There are lots of shade options out there to suit patios of all shapes and sizes, and in this post, we wanted to outline a few shade solutions that can help keep you cool when things heat up.

  • A Classic Umbrella: Easy to use, adjustable, and available in a huge array of shapes, sizes, and colors, patio umbrellas are a classic shade choice. Their versatility makes them a great option for patios with limited space or for people who still want to catch a few rays before retreating into the shade.
  • A Breezy Pergola: If looks are a big factor for you, a pergola is a great combination of style and functionality. Pergolas provide partial shade while also adding an elegant architectural element to patios. They’re also a great choice for avid gardeners, allowing them to add a few climbing plants as an attractive living shade provider.
  • Flowing Curtains: Curtains make an excellent addition to covered patios, offering protection from the sun, rain, and insects by enclosing the space. Curtains offer much of the same versatility as umbrellas and come in a huge selection of styles, patterns, and fabrics to suit your preferences.
  • Stylish Shade Sails: Shade sails can add a modern aesthetic to your patio and are favored for their customization options. You can have shade sails made in a range of shapes, and they offer a nice compromise between a completely covered patio and one that is totally exposed.

If you’d like to talk with our outdoor area design experts about how you can incorporate shade into your patio design, simply contact our office. We look forward to helping you beat the heat while you enjoy the outdoors with a stunning, shady patio.