Small But Mighty: Custom Pergolas for Compact Outdoor Space

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Small But Mighty: Custom Pergolas for Compact Outdoor SpaceMany properties these days feature compact outdoor areas that are designed to make keeping up with your landscaping and yard work a quick and easy process. However, if you’ve always dreamed of having a pergola to relax under when the weather is nice, you might think that limited space means you can’t live out those dreams. However, thoughtfully designed custom pergolas can accommodate smaller spaces.

Let’s look at how you can design a small pergola that still makes a big impact on your outdoor space.

  1. Height Advantage: Using vertical space is a must if you only have a small area for your pergola. Adding hanging plants, pendant lighting, and other decorative elements that draw the eye upward can give even compact pergolas a spacious feel.
  2. Unique Size and Shape: A major advantage of custom pergolas is that they can be designed to fit into spaces that stock pergolas couldn’t. You can make that awkward corner or section of your yard work for you by designing a custom pergola that fits neatly within it.
  3. Build It Up: Your pergola doesn’t have to be built in its own designated area of your yard. If you have a deck or pool already installed, custom pergolas can be designed to seamlessly integrate with these areas and help you maximize your space.
  4. Space-Saving Solutions: Whenever possible, opt for multi-purpose features like built-in storage in the seating area or space-saving options that are stackable or retractable.

Don’t let limited space discourage you from realizing your dreams of a beautiful pergola. Our team at Superior Outdoor Spaces has plenty of experience designing and installing custom pergolas, and we would love to help you make your vision a reality. Contact us today to get started.