Hardscapes: Three Things to Consider

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Hardscapes: Three Things to ConsiderHardscaping is a bold, beautiful, and distinctive way to show off your style and add unique features to your property. Hardscaping refers to paved or stone walkways, patios, or any “hard” surfaces incorporated into your property’s landscape. Hardscapes can save you lots of time on property maintenance and improve your home’s curb appeal. Here are some things you should consider before investing in hardscapes.

  1. The Drainage – Before investing in and designing a hardscape, you must understand your property and consider where the drainage will go. The design and grading of your hardscaping can keep runoff water from collecting and puddling, but you must be mindful of your plan to allow this to happen.
  2. Follow the Land – We can tell when something does not naturally fit into the landscape. When designing your hardscaping, if you go with the flow of the land on your property, you will give the design a natural feel.
  3. Look for Ways to Add Balance –Balance will be vital for creating a cohesive and beautiful hardscape. When you work with a designer or landscaper, they will be able to help you find ways to achieve balance and keep your property looking beautiful.
  4. Add Greenery –Yes, we recommend adding some greenery to your hardscapes. While adding stone and concrete to your backyard will create unique walkways, patios, and more, a great way to make it look natural and beautiful is to add some plants, grass, and other green elements alongside it.

We want to help transform your property into a beautiful oasis. If you are interested in adding some hardscaping or wish to learn more about our other services, don’t hesitate to call us today.