Custom Gazebos & Pergolas

Purpose of A Custom Gazebo

We all know the annoyance that comes with wanted to have a cookout outside, and then it starts raining. Or maybe you want to relax with a book, but it’s just too hot in the direct sunlight. Our custom gazebo service provides you with protection from the outdoor elements, including random rain showers and harsh sunlight. A custom gazebo also provides your outdoor living space with added style, as we have an array of materials, colors, and designs for you to choose from. If you have a specific idea in mind, our local general contractor team can help you determine the best design options to maximize your space. Our licensed and insured teams stay up to date with all modern technology to ensure they provide you with the best outdoor living space services in Winston Salem & surrounding areas.

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The #1 Local Pergola Builders

A pergola is a great design accent to add style to your outdoor oasis. Due to the design of a pergola it provides the perfect amount of natural sunlight and shade, and allows for a simple installation protocol. Our local pergola builders are experts when it comes to adding this unique piece to your current concrete patios in Winston Salem NC & surrounding areas. Although this can be an out-of-the-box DIY project, it won’t be as sturdy if assembled this way. The best part about choosing to work with our local pergola building team, we provide an array of different material and color options. So, even though a pergola is a pretty standard outline, you can make the space your own, and ensure it matches the existing aesthetics of your home. Create a whimsical atmosphere with climbing vine plants, or more of an entertainment feel with hanging yard lights. A pergola is also perfect to create a main focal point in a garden area. No matter what your design dreams may be, call Superior Outdoor Spaces today to schedule an in-person consultation & receive your free quote.

Should I Choose a Custom Gazebo or Pergola?

When trying to decide between a gazebo or pergola, there’s a couple of different factors to think about. One of the biggest factors, style and atmosphere you are trying to create. If you just need an accent piece for your outdoor patio, a custom designed pergola is your answer. But, if you’re looking for shade and protection, ask our local general contractors about our custom gazebo services. Other factors to take into consideration are space & location. Most of the time, a gazebo is going to take up more space than a pergola. Our local pergola builders create your piece using 4 columns and then put crossbeams and rafters across the top. On the other hand, a gazebo is usually a stand alone structure that is circular or octagonal, with a closed roof and flooring. Therefore, if you have a smaller yard and patio, a pergola is going to be a better option for you. If your yard has a lot of trees that hang over you, or if you’re in the direct sunlight all day, then a custom gazebo would be the perfect fit.

We know it can be difficult to make the decision, which is why our local general contractors provide an in-person consultation. This will allow us to determine with you what will be the best option for your outdoor oasis.

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