Top Reasons Outdoor Kitchens are Popular [infographic]

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There are two main reasons why you make improvements to your home. One is to enjoy the benefits yourself. The other is to increase the value of your home. Most improvements have the potential to do both of these, but any time you choose a popular feature such as an outdoor kitchen, you can be confident that you will. Outdoor kitchens are incredibly popular, and it isn’t difficult to understand why that is the case. Here are the top reasons:

  • Take the heat outdoors- Cooking inside on a hot day can make your home heat up pretty quickly and give your air conditioner a workout. Outdoor kitchens give you the opportunity to take that heat outdoors instead, thereby saving on your utility bill besides keeping your home comfortable.

Top Reasons Outdoor Kitchens are Popular

  • More room to work- It is not surprising that many families build outdoor kitchens that are larger than the one inside, especially when the indoor one is cramped. Cooking outdoors can be a family activity so be sure to plan space for many “cooks in the kitchen.”
  • Alternative in power failure- It is always a good idea to have another option for preparing family meals, so in a grid-down scenario you don’t have to rely on cold canned beans. While just a grill would accomplish that, full outdoor kitchens can be useful for sharing with neighbors who didn’t plan ahead.
  • Add features you don’t have inside- Outdoor kitchens can include features you wouldn’t have or might not have room for inside, such as a pizza oven or fireplace.

Top Reasons Outdoor Kitchens are Popular

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