What are Some of the Must-Have Appliances for Custom Outdoor Kitchens?

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Custom Outdoor KitchensCustom outdoor kitchens offer a convenient escape from the monotony of in-house dining. But in order to whip up the perfect al fresco cooking experience, they must be outfitted with a few essential appliances.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Grills. Grills and outdoor kitchens go hand in hand. They are more often than not the focal point of custom outdoor kitchens, as they imply a tasty barbecue treat is on the way during any backyard event. When getting a grill, pay special attention to its functionality and ease of use.
  • Refrigerators. Outdoor kitchen refrigerators provide easy access to condiments, cooking ingredients, and beverages. They save time and energy that would otherwise be spent retrieving these items indoors, thus improving the overall outdoor dining experience.
  • Sinks/Faucets. Cooking involves a lot of washing and rinsing, so it’s only natural that all custom outdoor kitchens are outfitted with running water and sinks. When shopping for these appliances, the goal should always be size. A larger sink will make it easier to handle your cleaning tasks.
  • Cabinetry. Much like indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens deserve sufficient storage space. Outdoor kitchen cabinets are usually designed to handle outdoor weather; therefore, most are stainless steel. Nevertheless, they can still be fashionably built while giving you year-round storage for your serving ware, cookware, and other pantry items.
  • Burners. Burners built into custom outdoor kitchens provide versatile cooking beyond grilling, allowing you to easily boil, sauté, or simmer other delicacies. To complete your outdoor cooking experience, opt for models with adjustable heating just like your indoor kitchen burner.

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